Defining Communications

Communications is the process where a message, information or even an idea is being delivered successfully to another individual. What we mean by successfully delivered is when the receiver actually understands the exact message or idea that the sender intended to convey. When a person is talking, the other person should listen so that he will understand what the other person is talking about. When a person talks and nobody listens, there is no communication happening because there is no understanding. We also cannot have two people talking at the same time and no one listening, communication will definitely not be effective when that happens.

Communication is also not bound by face-to-face interaction. It has given us the ability to share information by using different means. Categorizing it into two categories, physical and mechanical. Physical takes place when the person who is talking can be seen or heard. We will not only be able to hear what the person is saying, we will also be able to better understand the message that is being sent across through nonverbal cues such as the person’s body language, facial expressions and more.

Such examples would be as simple as exclusive face-to-face meetings to large business meetings or even video conferences. Through the years, mediums of communication have evolved through the advancements of technology. This greatly influences the communication processes of today, which brings us to the second medium, mechanical.

Mechanical mediums can be either written or passed through electronic channels. It ranges from traditional media such as newspapers or newsletters, to new media such as blogs and podcasts. The growth of this medium of communication is exponential. We now have social media sites such as facebook and twitter, which helps to integrate the information from traditional and new media together. This makes it far easier for us to communicate and access information all at once.

We think that communication can also be the process of restructuring of ideas, confirming them and making sure that they are well organized so that the audience will be able to decode the message or able to understand the message easily. If the idea or thought behind the message is poorly structured or unorganized, the perceived message will definitely be adversely affected. Through communication, people can convey their personal thoughts, sharing them so that everyone will be on the same page. During group discussions or meetings, communicating effectively plays a huge role in helping group members or an organization build their bond and trust amongst each other to eventually help them accomplish their goals. By having effective communication, it is almost impossible for a diverse group of people to not be able to understand issues and decisions for effective change.

Urge to share ideas

First of all, we share ideas because humans are creatures of emotions. We possess this innate need to connect and be understood by others. By communicating an opinion effectively, we hope to find someone that can empathize with our feelings, identify with our ideas and concur with our mindsets on anything and everything in the world. When we travel to a foreign country, the language and cultural barrier often leaves us feeling frustrated simply because the receiver on the other end is unable to accurately comprehend what we are trying to convey. We seek understanding and by sharing ideas, we are actually casting a net to find people who think and feel the same way we do.

Secondly, we have this thirst for knowledge. There is progress in science and technology because we are always curious and enthusiastic about new discoveries or innovative ways to do things. We are always exploring options as well as unorthodox methods for a better life and by sharing ideas, we hope to open up a discussion to shed some light or offer a new perspective on a certain issue or idea that we have.

We are all victims of conformity. We covet the ability to fit into a group and not stick out like a sore thumb.Humans require acceptance in their lives and there is a need for us to be on the same page as everyone else most of the time. We like to think that the world is fair, and that we are all on the same level. The sharing of ideas create a mirage of equality and also keeps us updated of the latest news, happenings and ideas in the world. This helps us stay relevant to our peers.

There’s one thing that we are assured of when we share – a receiver. One of the biggest reasons we share information and ideas is to get attention. We like to fit in, yet we still yearn to be in the spotlight. In the mediums of social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, we get to be the star. Everything you share – a cool video clip, a deep poem or even photos of yourself says something about you. Ultimately, that is what we are after – a shiny, varnished outlook of ourselves that we create in the hopes that this is what others see when they look at us. By sharing the latest information and ideas, we are also further cementing our image or profile as someone who is always ahead of the curve.


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